domingo, 11 de enero de 2009


El Presidente Legítimo de México, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, dio a conocer el sitio de internet del Gobierno Legítimo de México una carta--en Español--para el Presidente Electo de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama.

A continuación presentamos la carta de AMLO a Obama traducida al inglés. Todos a enviarla a las siguientes direcciones de email tanto de Obama como de los medios alternativos en Estados Unidos para que la gente en Estados Unidos sepa lo que de verdad está pasando en México:

Usen por favor el siguiente título:

"Letter from the Legitimate President of Mexico to President Elect Barack Obama"

Este es el texto del mensaje:

Dear Mr. Obama,

While I'm sure you have already heard about this in the media, I'm sending you a copy of the letter written to you by Legitimate President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The following is a translation to English of the letter. I hope as a Mexican that you can take the time to read it. I also respectfully ask the alternative media in the United States to please read it and report it, as it is very important for people to know what goes on with both of our nations.



PS: Here's the letter:

Altar, Sonora
Saturday, January 10, 2009

Barack Obama, President Elect of the United States of America.

Mr. President Elect:

This Monday you will have a meeting with our compatriot Felipe Calderon, who presents himself as president of Mexico.

This citizen holds that office as a result of a large electoral fraud, orchestrated by a mob-like group of influence dealers and corrupt politicians.

In our country there is an apparent Republic, simulated, false; there are Constitutional Powers, but in reality a small group has confiscated all Powers.

This kind of covert dictatorship not only has nullified our democratic life, but it has also caused an infamous economic and social inequality.

Although crude, this is the reality: in Mexico the wealth of ones (the few) has been built with the misery of others (the many).

But aside from this shameful circumstance, which we Mexicans are facing in a sovereign manner, the main purpose of my letter is to express to you that it would be a grave mistake to start, as part of your future government, a policy of blocking immigration into the United States.

Take into account the fact that the politics of pillage, called "neoliberalism", imposed in Mexico 26 years ago, has devastated our producing activities; it has hindered economic growth and job creation. This has caused that millions of Mexicans (more than half a million per year) are forced to migrate, risking everything, in search of opportunities that mitigate their hunger and their poverty.

As you can understand, after a long period without economic growth, had it not being for the migration phenomenon, there wouldn've been an uprise in Mexico.

As a consequence, it is indispensable that the relationshionship between the two countries gets built upon cooperation and not upon the used of coercive measures.

The solution to the immigration problem is not found in the construction of walls, nor in the militarization of the border, but in the economic and social development in Mexico.

Likewise, we hope that in manner that is congruent with your repeated campaign compromises, you put into practice a plan to solve the immigration situation of Mexicans living and working in your country.

I'm sure that you will have the virtue and the fortune to respond to the great expectations that you have created between your country and ours.


Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador,
Legitimate President of Mexico.

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